Meet the team

Meet the Kaplan team

Everyone at Kaplan International English is dedicated to giving you the very best learning experience. We have a large, friendly team of professionals to help you during every step of your journey.

Here are some of the people you could meet:
Before you book

If you decided to take our courses, our Customer Care team will contact you to answer all your questions. They will help you regarding visa guideline, payment problem, what you need take with you on your first day to the school. You can contact them via email or phone. 

I was a Kaplan student, five years ago, I was 22 years old and my English level was so low. English definitely changed my life and I want to change others life as well. I really enjoy working for Latin America because people there really want to overcome their goals and help their countries to continue growing up.

Gustavo Pinto,
Educational Consultant
Staff Testimonial Customer Care Robert George

”My name is Robert George and I work for Middle East and North Africa customer care team.”

Robert George,
Customer Care
(London, HQ)
After you book

If you have any questions about your accommodation, we have a dedicated Accommodation Manager in every school. Their job is to ensure your temporary home is up to the highest standards.

”Each Kaplan location has experienced accommodation staff to take care of the students’ and hosts’ needs. All our hosts are visited and assessed by a dedicated staff member who checks the hosts for suitability, comfort and welcoming surroundings.

We have developed a set of high accommodation standards and our hosts are revisited regularly to ensure these standards are maintained. We also offer additional support for students who are aged under 18.”

Tamsyn Rilstone,
Accommodation Operations Manager
(London HQ)

As Accommodation Manager, the most rewarding aspect of my job is helping our international students find their perfect “home away from home”. Having spent time living abroad myself, I know how especially important having a comfortable and happy home life can be. Assuring that our students are satisfied with their accommodation speaks to Kaplan’s larger mission to extend our services beyond the time in the classroom, and enhance their experience as a whole.

Katherine Brannon,
LA Accommodation Manager
(Los Angeles)
Once you arrive
Learning a language with Kaplan is much more than just taking lessons. Each school has a Social Coordinator who is responsible for providing a fun and diverse schedule of things to do during your visit. They are there to make sure you are having a good time and making the most of your destination.


”The idea behind the social program is quite simple: we believe that learning doesn't stop when you leave the classroom, and that taking part in the social program will help you to realize your full potential. It is a chance to transform your school into a family, and your classmates into close friends, and to make memories that will last a lifetime.

It is also a chance to explore the city - and country - that you have decided to make your home away from home. We give you the opportunity to travel with ease without having the stress of organizing everything. The social program is your gateway to a global network of friends, immersing yourself in local culture, and having a whole lot of fun!”

Mel Hoare,
Social Program Manager
(Bath, United Kingdom)

“Whether you’re looking to experience the legendary nightlife of your chosen city, explore the rich history and culture the country has to offer or try a new and exciting hobby, between our standard and exclusive 25+ programme we can and will make it happen for you! It doesn’t stop there though, as a long term student you may wish to focus on your non-academic personal development, either on the pitch, in the gym or with an instrument, we can help you there to! 

The social programme is the raw essence of the Kaplan student experience and if there’s an experience to be had, we'll make it happen!"

Luke Watson,
Social Programme Manager
Starting lessons and beyond

Perhaps the most important people in our Kaplan team are - of course - our teachers. We select the best trained and most enthusiastic teachers who will give you the highest quality of teaching while studying with Kaplan International English.

”Teaching English is the best job I've ever had because most of the time it doesn't feel like a job. I come to work and get to meet and interact with amazing and interesting people from all over the world, every day. I get to use my creativity in every class I teach, and I always feel challenged to come up with new ways to engage students.

I also have the truly special opportunity to share a moment with students who are experiencing such a pivotal and influential moment in their lives, namely studying abroad. I'm sometimes jealous of the amazing experiences students seem to be having at Kaplan, but then I realize that I'm playing a role in creating those experiences, so it makes me feel better.

Peter Lim,
(San Francisco, United States)

”It is ironic that someone who hated school has ended up as a teacher. I’ve never forgotten how awful being in a class was, so I work hard to keep my students happy and motivated.

Every student has a different starting point, ability, motivation and objective so I enjoy discovering teaching methods that match a student’s learning style and needs. My aim is to help students reach their academic outcomes while having a highly positive experience.”

Richard Beatty,
(Perth, Australia)